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Without the Burdens

When you’re self-employed or own a business with a handful of employees, you wear many hats – from sales & marketing to accounting, maintenance and IT. You work hard to keep your business running smoothly and profitably on a daily basis. But, the everyday tasks can make managing the wealth you’re creating a burden.

As a Business Owner, You Have Options for Managing Assets and Wealth That Others Don’t

With Metcalf Partners Wealth Management, you’ll become aware of and can better take advantage of the smartest options for handling business income, tax advantaged retirement plans, saving for retirement, obtaining insurance such as key man and buy-sell arrangements, giving to charity, and managing assets. While you focus on working your business plan, our business wealth advisors are creating and executing a solid financial plan, which can change your life.

This Is One Area Where Your Business Should Be About You

Much of business is about taking care of clients, patients, your employees, your office or facility, and such, leaving you little time or energy to think about how the business decisions you make today effect your personal short- and long-term goals. Business goals can support your real-life goals, and a Metcalf Partners Wealth Management financial advisor is there to help ensure the two are best aligned.

Not your customers’, not your employees’, we’re here to work in your best interest and offer advice when you have questions. When the day comes that you step down by selling your business or passing it on to the next generation, you’ll want to know that your hard work helped get you your dreams.

Business Wealth Food for Thought

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