Thanks and Giving: How You Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a day to extend the goodwill that the holiday season may bring to help others. With so many in need, the holiday season is a reminder to help those less fortunate. Whether you want to donate your time or contribute funds to your favorite cause, there are many ways to celebrate the day. Here are some ways to mark the occasion.

Donate to a Food Bank or Shelter

Food banks are always in need of donations. Give your pantry a once over to see items you could donate, or go to the store and take advantage of any holiday sales to find things to donate. You may also consider items that local shelters need, such as clothing and personal care items. If you don’t have items to donate, consider offering a few hours of your time volunteering.

Give Blood

Hospitals and blood banks are always in need of donations. The winter months tend to make the need even more pronounced. Contact your local American Red Cross or area hospital to inquire how to get started or when the next blood drive is.

Pay it Forward

Giving Tuesday is the perfect chance to pay it forward to others. If you are in line at the drive-thru, you might pick up the cost of the next person’s order. You could also pay for someone’s meal when you are out to eat or donate money to pay off some school lunch debt. If you know of someone struggling, contact the utility company to pay one of their bills. These anonymous and random acts of kindness go a long way to brightening someone’s day and showing them that someone cares.

Build a Donation Station

Create a donation station to place in your front yard. Stock it with items you think that people in the neighborhood may need. Items may include winter clothing, canned goods, books, and even cleaning products. Let people know it is free to all, and those looking to donate anonymously may leave items as well.

Get into the spirit of giving this holiday season by celebrating Giving Tuesday with one or more of these ideas.





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